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Of most turfgrass types, Centipede has an interesting and long-standing history. Originating in China and Southeast Asia, Centipede grass thrives in warmer temperatures and reports extremely low maintenance. Many homeowners favor this grass type because it requires little attention compared to most sod varieties for the same regions. However, because of its origins, Centipede only fairs well in certain climates, limiting areas it can thrive in the United States. For southern states that enjoy warmer weather, Centipede grass can be a great choice. Be mindful of the specific soil and temperature conditions for this sod type.

Explore some of the highlights

For a low-maintenance grass type with a beautiful appearance, consider Centipede turfgrass for your outdoor space. While it does require specific soil conditions and warmer climates, Centipede is a very durable and easy grass type to maintain. See some of the notable characteristics of Centipede grass below.

Heat-tolerant grass

Low maintenance

Moderate shade tolerance

Relatively shallow root system

Ideal for Southeast lawns

Lower cold tolerance

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